Search Engine Optimization Executive – SEO Executive Job in Pune

IMPORTANT: Please read everything on this page before applying.

This is a unique job opportunity where you’ll get to learn SEO from 3 of the world’s top SEO Courses:

  1. ClickMinded by Tommy Griffith (worth $499)
  2. Search Marketing Mastery by (worth $495)
  3. by Glen Allsopp (worth $597)

The reason we mentioned this is because we’re looking only for the best candidate who have passion for SEO, open to learn and think long term to make SEO as their career.

Please note that this job opportunity is only for the following candidates:

  1. Maximum 1 year of experience.
  2. If you’re a fresher, you must have basic SEO knowledge.
  3. Must have heard about tools like Ahref, Moz etc. If you’ve not, you’re not suitable for this job.

Job Description

Your day-to-day job will be help our in-house website (we’ll disclose it during interview, it’s not become the top website in the niche in India in next one year.

The site is over 5 years old, have over 170 articles and already getting 60k+ visitors per month.

This is exciting opportunity for you to learn and implement White Hat link building and to help us grow the site up to 200k visitors a month and beyond in the next 1 year.

Full guidance will be provided on strategies and tactics to implement on the website.

NOTE 1: Majority of work will involve creative link building and building relationship with bloggers and influencers in our niche for generating natural links. Most of the on-page SEO is already taken care of so not much work will be required on that.

NOTE 2: If you’re experienced and still want to join, you’re welcome. But please see the Salary section. If you’re ok with the salary and are more interested in learning from the best courses and working on an interesting project for next 1 year, we’d love to have you join us.


  • Creative White Hat link building.
  • Reaching out to influencers for building relationships and getting links.
  • Grow traffic of our website by implementing off-page SEO.
  • A little bit of on-page SEO.

Must Have

  • Creativity (to think of new and creative ideas to build more links).
  • Excellent English (this is extremely important as you’ll be communicating with bloggers and influencers).
  • Passion to achieve a goal set (ranking websites higher and getting a ton of traffic in our case).
  • Dedication to learn and implement what you learn.


You can expect a salary between ₹10,000 – ₹15,000 per month. This job is not a fat pay salary job. This is a job is where you’ll get trained by the best SEOs in the world (the 3 courses mentioned above) and get hands-on experience by actually working on an in-house website and helping it grow.

If you think long term, then the 1 year you spend here what you learn will be worth a lot more than $1500+ and you can get pretty high salary on any big company after this.

Or if you’re entrepreneurial and would want to go your own route, then nothing better to learn the ropes of the game before you do.

How to Apply?

  • Send an email to [email protected] with subject line “I’m Your SEO Guy” or “I’m Your SEO Girl”.
  • Do not attach your resume/CV to the email.
  • Introduce yourself and explain why we should hire you in as much detail as possible.
  • If you’ve done past work, please mention that as well.
  • Again, do not send your resume/CV, but actually write about yourself and why we should hire you.